Getting this thing rolling

As the first chapter of Salient Caligation finally comes to its conclusion, I have been drafting several new stories within the Salient Caligation universe that do not impact the Caitlin Sword’s storyline but show more of the universe. Each story runs along a certain theme and Eidolon will be more sexual than Salient is. It will touch on a lot of sensitive subjects that will probably get me some hate mail.

There will be some rape, suicide, abuse, necrophilia, hauntings and possession themes to this one. My intention is not glorify rape or necrophilia. It is nasty business and Salient Caligation is universe were the darkness is in the daylight. Dark, creepy and icky are things I’m not afraid to create.

NOW this is fiction and exists in the realm of fantasy. There is a lot of psychology into why people are attracted to this sort of stuff or why people might have rape fantasies in which they are the victim of an assault.  We all know that the reality of actual rape is not sexy or fun for the survivor or their loved ones.

I will be linking Survivor resources on the Links page and with each page that might touch on these issues. These stories are not based on any true occurrence and any resemblance to a real person or even is unintentional. Please keep an eye out for updates in the future. I am drafting pages right now along with Salient Caligation pages!

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